Spiritual guidance isn’t a magic happiness bullet, but a practical support system that helps the seeker find the joy already residing within them.


There are few times in our lives that we absolutely enjoy enduring a little pain in order to gain
something great. My experience with Coach Hope has been just that… pleasurably painful.


I would not have it any other way. The positive energy she gives and creates within her group challenges provide something one cannot receive otherwise. Everyone needs positive reinforcement and accountability to keep pushing when you think you cannot do another set or rep. Coach Hope’s program has forced me to get comfortable with being uncomfortable, whether it comes to HIIT Cardio or trying new clean recipes, she always challenges us beyond our limits. Not only has she challenged our physical limits, but has encouraged us to look within and has challenged our minds as well.


Healthy is an internal job not just external. Since being with Coach Hope, I have dropped pounds but most importantly inches. She single handedly fostered my break up with my scale and encouraged me to measure my results with articles of clothing and taking weekly progress pictures. Since my break up with the scale, I can focus more on pushing myself and maintaining my peace of mind along my journey, which I owe all to Coach Hope.

Tamika Patterson

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Ashlee Hope began her fitness journey in 2011 after suffering from chronic fatigue and migraines. She grew tired of not feeling her best and decided to make a complete lifestyle change. She cleaned up her diet, increased her water intake, and joined a military-style bootcamp. This experience in its entirety completely transformed not only her health but also her train of thought as she developed the courage to face life’s hurdles head on. From there, Coach Hope was born!


In 2012, Ashlee became a NASM certified personal trainer. Falling in love with this newfound passion for fitness and healthy living became her healing power. She took this power and began gifting it to other women around her.


By 2014, Coach Hope began offering In-Person Bootcamps in the D.C., Maryland, and Virginia area. Because she enforced habits of self-care, self-worth, and the reconstruction of self-esteem, she soon found great success in the fitness arena.


To date, Coach Hope is a certified life coach having studied at the Life Purpose Institute. Realizing her gift in helping her fitness clients in redesigning their focus from physical to mental, she began to truly blossom as one of THE most impactful influencers for health and overall wellness.


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