"Align & Chill" Monthly Energy Clearing 9/30/21

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The next Align & Chill session details are below:

Date: Thursday, September 30th

Time: 8pm Central

Length: 30 minutes

During the "Align & Chill" sessions, I focus on the theme and intention of the group healing, however I also work on clearing and balancing all of your energy centers to bring you into alignment. Because of this, you may experience healing and transformation in several areas of your life whether it be physical, mental, emotional, habitual, situational, financial, or spiritual. You essentially receive an "aura sweep" as I raise your vibrational frequency.

A group email will be sent to everyone ONE hour before the session begins.

Important: If you are participating, please refrain from cigarettes, weed, hookah, alcohol, caffeinated tea/coffee, or any stimulant at least 3 hours before the energy healing session begins.

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