"Love Galore" - Heart Chakra Clearing 5/14/21

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***Please note, you will receive an email with more information ONE HOUR before the session begins. If you are participating, please remember to abstain from alcohol, caffeine, weed, and any stimulants at least 3 hours before the session.

What most of us need now more than ever is a connection to the heart. The "Love Galore" heart chakra clearing is happening Friday, May 14th @ 8pm CST because everyone's heart chakra can always use a little TLC.

This month's energy healing is focused on love (for oneself and others) and opening our hearts in order to give and receive unconditional love. We will also work the Heart Chakra to help heal past traumas, hurts, betrayals, etc. and imprint unconditional love, compassion, and forgiveness. The heart chakra healing has helped me forgive my parents, forgive myself, move past old relationships, learn to love myself unconditionally, and heal from the loss of my mother, little brother, and one of my closest aunties. "Love Galore" has shown me the true meaning of "Agape Love". Energy healing has been magical and life changing for me and I pray that this message reaches everyone who needs it. If any of this resonates or sounds true for you, this month's energy healing is for you! Everyone could use extra work on the heart chakra, even myself. Kudos for you for #OwiningYourShit and stepping forth to heal it. It is an honor to HELP YOU heal yourself.

Signs of an unbalanced heart chakra could include: anger, resentment, bitterness, unforgiveness, distrust, holding onto grudges, dwelling on a past relationships, codependency, difficulty giving and receiving love, etc.

I am humbled and blessed to be able to offer these energy healing groups to you at an affordable price. For reviews of my energy work, please visit @AshleeHope.co on Instagram and click the "Testimonial" story highlights in my profile. Please pass this information along to anyone who needs it.

*Note: Ashlee Hope makes no specific guarantee with energy healing. Energy healing is not intended to prevent or cure any disease or ailment. For maximum results, couple energy healing with therapy, counseling, or holistic practices.

*Please research remote energy healing to make an informed decision prior to purchase. Also trust your intuition and let it guide your decision. No refunds will be granted for energy work*

Session Details:

Date: Friday, May 14th

Time: 8pm CT

Please note: This is REMOTE energy work; there is no number to dial into, no chat rooms or groups to join, no address to meet at.

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