Private Remote Energy Healing

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*Coach Hope is a Reiki Master/Teacher and certified IET practitioner.

I use Reiki combined with Integrative Energy Therapy to send powerful yet gentle healing energy to my clients.

As we all know, there is only but so much progress that can be made at the conscious level. I have "done the work" which includes talk therapy, journaling, meditation, etc., but did not experience transformational change until I incorporated energy healing into my regimen. I highly recommend energy healing to supplement and enhance your healing journey.

Once paid, you will be sent a link to schedule your session and to address your intentions for the energy healing. Each healing session is customized to the clients needs. Note that the sessions are performed "remotely" and not in person.

Each of your private remote energy healing sessions are followed up with an email detailing any blockages I noticed, what I experienced, or what I treated along with suggestions on how to address and heal those areas on your own.

Reviews/Testimonials: visit @Coach_Hope on Instagram and click on the "Energy Healing" highlight on her profile

*Please research remote energy healing to make an informed decision prior to purchase. Also go inward and ask your higher self if this service is for you. No refunds will be granted.

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