Schmoney Cleanse + Ritual - 5/20/21

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***Please research remote energy work. Ashlee Hope is a Reiki Master Teacher, advanced IET practitioner, and advanced Quantum and Pranic Healer

The next "Schmoney Cleanse" will be happening on Thursday, May 20th at @ 8pm cst.

The intention of the Schmoney Cleanse is to address your money mindset, clear money blocks, address limiting beliefs, release anxiety around money, address poverty/scarcity mentality, increase gratitude, and to raise your prosperty frequency. Any tangible result (raise, promotion, bonus, increase in sales/clients, unexpected checks, refunds, etc.) that come to you as result of this session are just a BONUS.

This energy healing group is for you IF any of the following apply:

  • You are ready to establish a healthy relationship with money
  • You are ready to release negative beliefs about money (there's never enough, money is the root of all evil, money doesn't grow on trees, rich people are greedy, money and spirituality cannot coexist, etc.)
  • You are unable to establish and KEEP savings
  • You don't have an emergency fund of at least $1k
  • You find it hard to stick to a budget
  • You attract money, but it slips through your fingers
  • You make good money, but don't have much to show for it after paying bills
  • You experience financial crisis no matter how prepared or educated you are
  • Your finances are a source of stress, worry, or anxiety for you
  • You believe you aren't worthy or deserving of financial freedom and wealth
  • You believe making money should be hard and there is never enough
  • You're interested in building your business and/or increasing quality clientele
  • You are ready to uplevel in your career (via promotion, raise, bonus, etc)

I am humbled and blessed to be able to offer these energy healing groups to you at an affordable price. For reviews of my energy work, please visit on Instagram and click the "Schmoney" story highlights in my profile. There are hundreds of reviews for you to browse through. Please pass this information along to anyone who needs it. Men and women are welcome.

An email with more details will be sent ONE HOUR before the session begins. This is REMOTE energy work; there is no number to dial into, no chat rooms or groups to join, no address to meet at.

*Note: Ashlee Hope makes no specific guarantee with energy healing. Energy healing is not intended to prevent or cure any disease or ailment . Please couple the Schmoney Cleanse with the advice of a Financial professional.

*Please research remote energy healing to make an informed decision prior to purchase. Also trust your intuition and let it guide your decision. No refunds will be granted for energy work*

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